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Google Accreditation

This indicates that the company has passed Google's certification exams and is accredited to run Google Ads campaigns. It's a sign of expertise in online advertising and demonstrates the ability to run effective campaigns on Google's platforms.  

Web performance analysis

Web performance analysis is the process of analyzing and optimizing the speed, reliability, and overall performance of a website. It involves measuring various metrics such as page load times, server response times, and page size to identify any technical issues or bottlenecks that may be affecting the website's performance  

Social Media Consulting

This service offers website design starting at R450. Whether you need a simple landing page or a complex e-commerce site, this service can create a custom design that meets your needs. 

Animated Logo (without Logo Design)

This service offers animated logo creation starting at R220, but without the logo design. If you already have a logo that you're happy with, this service can add some extra flair and visual interest with an animated version. 

Social Media Posts designs

This service offers social media post design services starting at R45. This could include creating custom graphics, designing templates, or providing content ideas to help your business's social media accounts stand out. 

PowerPoint Presentation Design

This service offers PowerPoint presentation design starting at R45. If you need to create a professional-looking presentation but don't have the time or design skills to do it yourself, this service can help.

Personalized Cards

This service offers personalized card design starting at R110. Whether you need business cards, greeting cards, or invitations, this service can create custom designs that fit your needs. 

Advertising flyers

This service offers advertising flyer design starting at R175. Flyers are a cost-effective way to promote your business or event, and this service can create eye-catching designs that grab people's attention. 

Letter Head Designs

starting from R125. A custom-designed letterhead can make a positive first impression and help establish your brand identity. Our expert designers can create a professional and high-quality design that reflects your brand and conveys a professional image. 

A4 Poster/Pamphlet Design 

Starting from R200. Our designers can create eye-catching designs for A4 posters or pamphlets that promote your business, product, or event and grab people's attention. 

Video Editing 

Starting from R125. Our skilled video editors can create professional-quality videos that tell your story, promote your brand, or document your event using the latest technology and software. 

Re-design of Existing Logo 

Starting From R125. Our designers can update or modernize your existing logo to better represent your brand's vision and goals, or create a new one that reflects your brand's identity and values. 

Logo Design

This service offers logo design starting at R200. Your logo is a key element of your brand identity, and this service can create a custom design that reflects your business's values and personality. Choose this service and we include 2 free re-designs. 

Animated Logo + Logo Design

This service offers animated logo creation and logo design starting at R300. If you need a new logo and want to add an animated version to your branding, this service can provide both.  

Rebranding Package

This service offers a rebranding package starting at R1200. If your business has evolved and your branding needs to reflect that, this service can help you update your logo, website, and other design elements. 

Photo Collages

This service offers photo collage creation starting at R75. If you need to create collages for social media or marketing materials, this service can arrange and design your photos in a visually appealing way. 


This service offers invitation design starting at R100. Whether you're planning an upcoming wedding, birthday party, or corporate event, we can create personalized and unique invitations that perfectly match the theme and style of your event. Our design team will work closely with you to understand your vision and create a custom design that reflects your personality and event theme. 


Additional design services that are not listed specifically, but could be discussed with us.